Youbionic Handy Lite

High-Level robotics has become accessible to everyone!

How to build your Robotic Hand, program it easily, move it as you want and become an expert in this field!


Youbionic is a company that works to evolve humanity, takes care of bringing each of us into the future and does so through research in technology and science.

It fights every day to solve problems of a human, physical, IT nature, and presents its supporters the results of this effort.

Access to this device provides the tools necessary to become a high level robotics professional and allows you to obtain skills that will help you improve the mechanical or programming logic. Robotics and its fields of application affect all sectors today, opening new professional opportunities for young people and entrepreneurs who want to invest in their future and become advanced creators.

Today you have the chance to get your hands on our latest creation, the result of years of study and design, it is distilled between functions and features.

Highly performing and incredibly simple.

If you have these reasons in your heart, you want to get involved and make possible what you now only see in the movies, then Youbionic is for you.

We have made this last masterpiece within everyone's reach, it is really easy to assemble it and in the end you will be amazed.


  • We have designed effective and very simple mechanical assembly solutions.

  • There are no metal parts or gears, the Handy Lite is composed exclusively of pieces made of 3D printing and fixing screws.

  • You will get a 3d diagram that shows you the order of the pieces and their mounting.

  • The Handy will be able to perform movements you've never seen in any other Robot.

  • You will be able to 100% customize the pieces thanks to the modular assembly logic that our technicians have developed.


  • You can have it work in a workspace to perform routine tasks.

  • To experiment with artificial intelligence applications.

  • You can assemble it on a Rover or a Drone and control it remotely.

Youbionic Handy Lite for website.png

You can use the files as they are or customize them based on your needs.

If you do not have a 3D printer or you do not know a person who owns it you can use one of the online 3D printing services like:





You can find these economical Servos SG90 in any online robotics store.