As specialists in robotics and bionics, we provide all the elements necessary to add another dimension to your existence through your new devices

I present to you the device that will take you into the future

We believe that Humanity is not evolving fast enough, and above all it is not aiming for the right direction. Youbionic works hard every day to bring Man into the future.

Up to now you have found interesting devices but not for sale or for sale but at exorbitant prices, you have also found low-cost devices but they were ridiculous and resemble toys. In front of Youbionic you try something new, High-level Robotics at affordable prices.

We have designed and developed a Bionic Hand with unlimited movement potential, and we have done so with accessible components that have contained the cost. Nothing ever seen before.

Gaining access to this amazing piece of technology is easier than ever. Simply download the STL file and print your YouBionic Handy. If you would like to modify your device and tailor its uses to your lifestyle, you can customize the this device before printing. Change the size, edit the functionality -- our files make it easy for you to get the most out of your Handy however you see fit.We believe everyone should have access to the incredible technology available in our modern age. That’s why we offer this product at a very affordable price, suitable for any budget or financial restriction.

Access to this device provides the tools necessary to become a high level robotics professional and allows you to obtain skills that will help you improve the mechanical or programming logic. Robotics and its fields of application affect all sectors today, opening new professional opportunities for young people and entrepreneurs who want to invest in their future and become advanced creators.

This is just the beginning and we can not wait to see what the future holds for you ... and Youbionic. Join us today.


  • We have designed effective and very simple mechanical assembly solutions.

  • There are no metal parts or gears, the Handy is composed exclusively of pieces made of 3D printing and fixing screws.

  • You will get a 3d diagram that shows you the order of the pieces and their mounting.

  • The Handy will be able to perform movements you've never seen in any other Robot.

  • You will be able to 100% customize the pieces thanks to the modular assembly logic that our technicians have developed.


  • You can have it work in a workspace to perform routine tasks.

  • To experiment with artificial intelligence applications.

  • You can assemble it on a rover and control it remotely.

If you do not have a 3D printer or you do not know a person who owns it you can use one of the online 3D printing services like: i.materialise, 3dhubs, Shapeways, Sculpteo.

You can find these economical Servos SG90 in any online robotics store.

After the payment, I can share with you the Handy code by e-mail.