Youbionic drone for handy

My Drone has the Hands and I send him to do the shopping!

Our efforts continue to bring people into the Post-Human Age

..and we do it, dreaming on the future, we catch portions of dream and with our technologies we transform this imagination into reality.

We are here to guide the human race in the most difficult path there is. Mental obstacles are what we want to overcome to create a new world.

Today I show you a device that will soon fly over our heads. The Big technology companies will use these devices to transport consumer goods, generic medicines, food, etc.

They will be used to deal with dangerous missions in areas exposed to excessive risks for humans, they will deal with carrying out operations in areas that are difficult to access.

We may soon ask them to take the forgotten cell phone home, I have the keys left in the office.

If you also want to evolve but you do not have great technical skills, Youbionic is for you because it is our primary goal to spread devices that are within everyone's reach and extremely customizable.