Youbionic arm

When 3d printing explodes in the world and printers spread, Youbionic provides the elements to create robotics and bionics never seen up to today. We can run to the future and evolve as soon as possible.

Modeling generated through mathematical algorithms and the study of forms that nature offers us every day, has allowed us to develop unique design skills, Youbionic Hand brings a new dimension of existence. I am proud to give you the result.


We have completely redesigned the mechanical elements, so now Hand is more resistant to the efforts during operation. We've modified the project parameters to uplift the strength it manages to do, so it's ready for most of everyday exercise, how to lift objects, tighten handles, and then interact with the outside world as a biological hand

Another unique feature of Youbionic Hand is modularity, each finger is stand-alone and has been designed to be part of alternative configurations. Soon, components will be available that allow different assemblies: you will be able to create three-finger clamps for installations on anthropomorphic robots or wearable human-armored devices.